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«Incentive ratcheting and productivity», Joaquín Poblete Associate Professor Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Incentive ratcheting and productivity

Joaquín Poblete 
Associate Professor
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 

Incentive ratcheting is the practice of increasing goals to workers whenever they exceed their goals. Using quasi-experimental data from a merger, we estimate the effect of incentive ratcheting on the productivity of the salesforce of a firm. We show that the practice of ratcheting can decrease productivity (sales) by 20% and has important effects on how workers and their supervisors allocate effort among different tasks.
Seminarios ISCI – Management Science & Analytics
Jueves 04 de julio 2019
Desde las 13:30 hrs. a 14:30 hrs.
Sala de Consejo, Piso 4, Beauchef 851
Almuerzos previa inscripción desde las 13:15 hrs.
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